Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Well well. Last post was quite exaggerate a bit. Ha ha.

This week, so far is a great week.
I don't eat alone at cafe during lunch anymore guys. That, is an achievement.
I mingle around. Speak English more. Ask more questions.
And to my own amusement, people are actually can accept you, well in my case 'can accept me', when I'm being myself. Wow. 

Maybe life isn't that cruel. Ha ha.
Have faith in you. Have faith in our beloved society.

I was about to give up on learning, or finding job,
but I remember this one quote,
'when you want to quit, think about people that want to see you fail.'

Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you not appreciating your life.
Just. Don't.

Cheers to a happy week.

And good luck to all job seekers. 

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