Sunday, August 23, 2015


Some people leave you because you're a burden.
A big burden.

They think you're unsuccessful friend that don't have a job and don't know what to do with your life.

I'm okay.
I am Okay. *tarik nafas*

I am on the right path now. I am trying my best to get this thing over; I mean this crazy unemployment. Well don't nag at me how I should go to jobstreet to see vacancy because I already tried almost everything to get a job. *cries a river*

Still, I know how strong I am.
Last week I balik dari college and I kena hujan dan almost demam. Sebab nak kena kejar bas. I am the only person in my class that don't have my own transport. But I'm okay. 

I am okay.

Last week when I ate alone in the cafeteria because everyone went to queensbay to eat, I was okay. I finished my food. 

I am totally okay.

I am going to be okay. Right?

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